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Our Philosophy

Our dental practice philosophy at Blunston Dental Group in Airdrie, Alberta.

Our Philosophy At Blunston Dental

We understand that the health of your smile can affect more than just your teeth, gums and tongue. As dental professionals educated in the structure and function of the teeth, bones, and muscles of your face, we see dentistry as an opportunity to help restore balance to your bite and posture, which can help maintain your overall health.

Whole-Health Approach

Your oral health is connected to your overall health. That's why it's so important to us that the dental care we offer aims to give you both a healthy smile, and a healthy body and mind.

Education and Experience

Dr. Blunston is a general dentist who is knowledgeable about more than just general services. With this knowledge and experience, we are able to offer a comprehensive care plan for patients.


When developing a treatment plan for you, we take into account your concerns and desires coupled with our knowledge and experience. From the treatment options available for your specific case, you will be informed and able to select the treatment most suited to you.

We are accepting new patients in Airdrie! We invite you to join the Blunston Dental family today.

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