To make your visit as convenient as we can, we are happy to help you with any insurance coverage and payment questions or concerns you may have. It’s our goal for our patients to be able to receive the dental care they need without stress. Please reach out to us with your questions! Our team is here to assist you.

Payment is typically due at the time of your appointment. If you need other arrangements, just let us know. We accept most major credit cards, cash, and check.


Photos, X-Rays, Health History

We like to have a thorough understanding of your oral and medical health history. We believe your oral and overall health can be directly connected, so it is important to us that we have an understanding of both before we recommend a treatment plan.

Funtional Analysis

Why would your dentist be looking at your posture? Believe it or not, your posture and airway have the potential to reveal issues related to your jaw and neck muscles and possibly explain the cause of oral health concerns.

Examination of Teeth & Gums

Our team will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. This helps us to see what's going on in your mouth before we recommend solutions.

Consultation with Dr. Blunston

You will have the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Blunston and discuss any of your concerns or desires for your smile. We visually show you your current oral condition.

**Please note exams can vary from patient to patient. This is an example of a typical new patient exam.