Black and White photo of Dr. Blunston

I’m often asked why I chose a career in dentistry or how can I “stick your hands in people’s mouths all day?” It’s a path I started on while in high school. Before becoming an Airdrie dentist, I knew I wanted to help people through my abilities in science, especially with their health. I’ve always enjoyed working with people and wanted to put my aptitude for working with my hands and problem solving to good use. After discovering the possibilities dentistry provided as a career helping others, I was excited about the future. I've never looked back.


Quality Time

We make every moment you are in our office count. Our team spends time getting to know you and your health, so we can help you not only have a great smile but great oral health.

Comprehensive Dental Treatment

As a dental practice, we greatly value the condition of your oral care. We understand the effects your oral health, along with the bones and muscles of your face, head, and neck can have on your whole health.

Continuing Education

Dr. Blunston has spent many hours participating in continuing education to ensure he meets Alberta Dental Association and College licensing requirements. This enables him to practice with the current dental techniques so he has options to offer you for your dental care.”

My profession as a dentist in Airdrie has been very rewarding. I graduated from Dalhousie University in 1996 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). It wasn’t long before I realized there was so much more to learn and explore.

It is very rewarding and makes the public’s dentist disdain worthwhile when we see the genuine smiles of our patients once they’ve finished treatment.


Besides the smiles of my team, the other amazing smiles I get to share my journey in life with are my beautiful wife, Jennifer, and my two wonderful children, Rhys and Alina. They are part of the reason I choose to do what I do each day: “Stick my hands in people’s mouths.” If you give me the privilege of working with you, I promise always to give you my personal best in every aspect of your dental care.